Paint Protection

Your vehicle is an investment and like any asset, it's important to protect it. In order to help you protect your investment, Osiris Autoworks has a variety of options to help shield your paintwork against environmental threats.

carnuba Wax

Starting at $25

Durability: 2-4 Weeks

Wax is a great low cost option to protect your vehicle's paintwork and moderately increase depth and shine. By adding material over top of the paint, a layer is created that contacts the environment first and effectively shields the actual clear coat underneath.

Polymer Sealant

Starting at $55

Durability: 3-5 Months

Sealant, a synthetic polymer coating, is applied similar to wax and has the same physical attributes with the added bonus of UV blockers and extended durability. A great option for either the daily driver or the weekend warrior!

ceramic coating

Starting at $430

Durability: 3-5 Years

Ceramic coating is the best total protection available for your paintwork. Utilizing chemically activated polymerization, this coating adheres to itself and to your paint at a molecular level. After proper curing it hardens to an almost glass like level resulting in a layer that itself is harder than the vehicles actual clear coat. An additional bonus to the incredible scratch resistance and durability of up to 5 years is the highly enhanced water beading effect from the coating's ultra hydrophobic properties. Please expect 6-8 hours for paint prep and application of the product. Additional cure time is also required.

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